Polo Art Gallery

My team and I very happy to present our online polo art gallery!

We are working with different artists who are based worldwide. Our artists dedicate their art to this exceptional sport and horses.


You can purchase artworks from our online polo art gallery, or you can commission a customized artwork using your photography as well as choosing the painting technique you desire.

We ship the artworks worldwide.

Alternatively, at your request,  Katerina Morgan will travel to the polo game site and take a photo for you.

Our artists

Martin Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez was born in Mendoza, Argentina and as of 2008 he dedicates himself 100% to art in a self-taught way.
The oil on canvas, graphites on paper, watercolors and wine and champagne on canvas work almost perfectly.


His passion for horses and his obsession with details have led him to achieve a hyper-realistic work recognized in several countries of the world.

Some of his works are already part of private collections in Argentina, Spain, Italy, USA and France.
Since 2017 it is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Jesús Arnedo Bedoya

He was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) in 1966. He has a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville (2010) in the specialty of Painting, and is a Senior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design with the specialties of Casting, Ceramic and Advertising, by the School of Arts and Design of Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz (1990, 1999 and 2001).


He has expanded his training in Ceramic and Sculpture at the Escola Massana and at the Escola La Llotja in Barcelona (1990). His professional and educational development has led him to participate in international projects (1991 and 1992) through scholarships in Torino (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal). As a complement to his training, in 2002 he participated in the Introduction to Curatorship Art, imparted by Beltra Sichel, Director of Audiovisuals at the Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid.


He is currently working as a painter in his studio in Puerto de Santa María.

TECHNIQUE CONTÉ. Drawing technique invented in 1795 by Nicolas-Jacques Conté, in the absence of English graphite by the boycott of England to France during the Napoleonic War. It is a mixture of charcoal and binder. It is characterized by the great intensity of blacks and the great difficulty of erasing them.

Ludovic Glatard

Ludovic Glatard has learned about painting during his childhood, by visiting museums and exhibitions. This early contact with art left strong impressions on him.


As a teenager, he grew up in a world of street artists and learned Graffiti techniques. Later on, he studied arts where he opened himself to many other techniques.

His Graffiti technique left the street and freed itself from calligraphy. Influenced by Graffiti, Graphism and Pop Art, Ludovic proposes a look high in contrast. An angle, a framing, colored shapes stand out to create an image.   


He resides in Lyon, City of Lights, where he tries to make you feel his world through his paintings.

Alexey Klimenko

Inspired by the beauty of life in all its diversity Alexey Klimenko shares his brightest feelings and impressions with canvas. Russian by origin, he worked in international IT and telco business for most part of his mature life. All this time Alexey was always dreaming of developing of his creative side, fed by his childhood passion - drawing. Fate brings him to Europe, France, where he makes a dramatic decision to completely change his life and devote his future to fine art.

The artist uses special oil technique which imitates slightly coarse and worn surface supported by thoroughly prepared canvas. One of his favorite subject matters is polo with its uncompromising beauty of movement and action. His style helps him in aspiration to create artworks that are mood-evoking. Each of his paintings incapsulates its own narrative which reveals in different ways and provokes imagination of every individual viewer.

Luci Maclaren

Luci Maclaren was born in Perth Scotland. She has been a professional artist for over 10 years, with solo exhibitions in Los Angeles, Barcelona, Edinburgh and London. Her work has always been dominated by colour and movement which lends itself brilliantly to her sporting art.  Mostly painted on her new favourite surface - raw linen. The effect is striking, powerful and dynamic. It is both alive with movement and given space to breathe.

Askild Winkelmann

Askild Winkelmann is an emerging artist who studied various styles of art in different European cities; from contemporary art in Barcelona to The Old Masters in Florence. After receiving her MFA at West Dean College in the beautiful West Sussex, UK, Askild moved to and works from her studio in London. When she is not in London, she works from her studio in northern Germany. In the summer 2016, Askild Winkelmann had exhibitions in multiple locations in Midhurst. She also supported a local good cause by painting and raising money for The Pony Club Finals at Cowdray. This experience was so rewarding that she chose to do it again in 2017. Askild continues to exhibit and work on commissioned pieces, as well as continuing to raise money for these local good causes. 


Askild’s love of horses and equestrian sports grew as she attended Polo matches and Horse Racing events around Cowdray and Goodwood. This passion drove her to experiment with combining figurative horse paintings with abstract techniques. This breathed new life into her work. Experimentation quickly morphed into a serious study of horses with a focus on their detail and emotion. As Askild spent more time interacting with horses, she realised that the souls of the horses are reflected in their eyes and can be shown through the medium of a detailed painting. To Askild, depictions of a horse and its rider should reflect their passion and energy, as well as their rationality and focus. In her works, she highlights the exchange between these two entities. The abstraction in her pieces highlights the movement of the horse and rider, while the realism displayed in the horses’ faces show their raw emotion and soul. Askild strives to capture not only the movement of the game-play in her work, but also the strength and elegance of the horses’ movements. 

As an artist, Askild is not bound by one medium. She loves to experiment and try new things; growing with each new technique she learns. She has studied the traditional uses of acrylics, watercolours, and oil paints, but in her work, she aims to use these materials in unconventional ways. She does this by sometimes even mixing three dimensional objects or textured materials -like sand- into her paintings. Askild is always in search of unconventional techniques and materials to incorporate into her work. 

Bianca Smith

Australian born Artist with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, Bianca Smith works from her Shop Gallery with Studio in Battersea, London.

Bianca paints horses in an array of equestrian events, such as polo, dressage, show jumping, racing etc in her well-honed abstract

cubist style paintings with her signature look of thin black lines over abstract shapes painted in oil and acrylic paint. Bianca mainly works to commission and is very happy to do her abstract interpretation of both the client and their horse, working from clients’ own archive of photographs to achieve a completely personal painting.

Commissioned paintings can be to any size and using her own in-house framer, this includes any style of frame - modern, classic or

antique and to any finish, eg gold, bronze, silver etc. Also happy to incorporate any specified colours and work to a colour direction.

Commission paintings lead time around 8 - 14 weeks.

With a diverse following ranging from English Royalty to Rock Royalty, private collectors and top interior designers, national and international. Exhibitions include Art London, The Discerning Eye - Pall Mall Galleries, Chase Art, Scream in Bruton Street and The Invisible Collection.

Featured in many magazines: House & Garden, Homes & Garden, AD, Vogue, Elle & Andrew Martin Review.

Marcos Terol

Marcos Terol is an international artist. His works ( oils on canvas ) present energetic movements of colours and shapes, projecting figures and scenes from nature. Focusing in his natural surroundings Marcos finds harmony and beauty in nature, figures and urban landscapes. ​

His studio set in his home is on the Costa del Sol near the ancient city of Malaga. His home faces  the coastline, washed by the Mediterranean Sea and nestled in between Andalusian white washed terraced houses and green pine trees. He paints at least 3 hours a day in his studio with brightly lit windows, facing his garden and the sea.

Marcos graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Economics and has studied painting in Madrid. For more than 10 years he worked as an interior designer which are the foundations for his career in painting. He loves contemporary artists like David Hockney or Alex Katz but is inspired by classics like John Singer Sargent or Joaquin Sorolla. His painting is spontaneous and instinctively he expresses his strong emotions through his heavy impasto or delicate transparencies.

Drawing from previous styles he uses colour and textures to define strong contrasts between light and shadow. He focuses on the nature   that surrounds him, urban landscapes and figures. One could describe his work as “Contemporary Expressionism”. Marcos´s paintings are sold worldwide and have been shown in one-man shows in Miami and Madrid.

Anne Hansson

Anne Hansson is an artist living and working outside of Stockholm. Horse has for many years been her favorite source of inspiration and motive.

Between charcoal sketches and oil paint In her semiabstract image, Anne Hansson embodies the horses' individual movements very strongly. It is a language few outside the horse world understands but many are attracted to. The riders and owners can see their horse's individual language directly in her pictures. In motion, in play and in training. For many years the horses and riders have taken their place in the life of artist Anne Hansson.

Hundreds of study hours and sketching live next to the vault, polo plan or dressage track. In training and in competition. She studies the movement of the horse, sees its personal expression and lets it fit into the picture. Anne Hansson is niched in the horses' movement language but also works in the studio with pictures entirely from her own interior.

The colors reinforce her expression and the energy she wants to convey. Sometimes the animal's own energy prevails precisely in the color choices or as abstract details, but the whole is always included.

Carlota Sarvise

A life always accompanied by horses is what inspires the work of Carlota Sarvisé. Born in Zaragoza, at the age of four  she moved to live in Sarvisé, a small town in the Huesca Pyrenees. It is there where she discovers her two passions, painting and the equestrian world. Graduated in Fine Arts from the University of Zaragoza, and graduated in Interior Design, she dedicates her work to the artistic world, on the one hand to interior design and ephemeral architecture and on the other hand to the world of painting, either her equestrian watercolors, such as wall paintings.


The passion for horses leads this young artist to develop an extensive work in watercolor, dedicated to this animal, where she expresses her strength, vitality and beauty with simple strokes. It is a search for the maximum expression and movement, with the minimum possible.


As an interior designer, she stands out in the personalization of spaces through his wall paintings. They are works carried out on the walls of buildings, living rooms, public spaces, made exclusively to suit the client, both in terms of theme and dimensions. It is a silicate paint, a technique that stands out for the quality of the painting, both for textures and finish and for its naturalness and good passage of time.

Anna Cher

Anna Cher is an equestrian and canine artist who lives in the UK. Born in Russia Anna received classical art education and worked in Moscow for many years before she moved to the UK. As a passionate animal painter, Anna focuses on the beauty of unique personalities.

One of her favorite topics for the painting research is equestrian sports, polo especially. Her work is a dance between realistic and abstract art. Experimenting with brushstrokes, layers, and colours Anna finds a delicate balance between the energy of mark-making and perception of reality. She paints with acrylics and palette knives which lets her work without overthinking, keeping her paintings immediate, fresh, and alive.

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