Polo Art Gallery

I am very happy to present our online polo art gallery!

We are working with different artists from various countries of the world. The artists dedicate their art to this exceptional sport and horses.


You can purchase a painting from the gallery or you can ask us to make one from your own photo choosing the picture technique you like.

We ship the works worldwide.

Alternatively, at your request,  Katerina Morgan will travel to the polo game site and take a photo for you.

Our artists

Martin Rodriguez

Martin Rodriguez was born in Mendoza, Argentina and as of 2008 he dedicates himself 100% to art in a self-taught way.
The oil on canvas, graphites on paper, watercolors and wine and champagne on canvas work almost perfectly.


His passion for horses and his obsession with details have led him to achieve a hyper-realistic work recognized in several countries of the world.

Some of his works are already part of private collections in Argentina, Spain, Italy, USA and France.
Since 2017 it is based in Barcelona, Spain.

Jesús Arnedo Bedoya

He was born in Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz) in 1966. He has a Degree in Fine Arts from the University of Seville (2010) in the specialty of Painting, and is a Senior Technician in Plastic Arts and Design with the specialties of Casting, Ceramic and Advertising, by the School of Arts and Design of Jerez de la Frontera, Cadiz (1990, 1999 and 2001).


He has expanded his training in Ceramic and Sculpture at the Escola Massana and at the Escola La Llotja in Barcelona (1990). His professional and educational development has led him to participate in international projects (1991 and 1992) through scholarships in Torino (Italy) and Lisbon (Portugal). As a complement to his training, in 2002 he participated in the Introduction to Curatorship Art, imparted by Beltra Sichel, Director of Audiovisuals at the Museum Reina Sofía in Madrid.


He is currently working as a painter in his studio in Puerto de Santa María.

TECHNIQUE CONTÉ. Drawing technique invented in 1795 by Nicolas-Jacques Conté, in the absence of English graphite by the boycott of England to France during the Napoleonic War. It is a mixture of charcoal and binder. It is characterized by the great intensity of blacks and the great difficulty of erasing them.

Ludovic Glatard

Ludovic Glatard has learned about painting during his childhood, by visiting museums and exhibitions. This early contact with art left strong impressions on him.


As a teenager, he grew up in a world of street artists and learned Graffiti techniques. Later on, he studied arts where he opened himself to many other techniques.

His Graffiti technique left the street and freed itself from calligraphy. Influenced by Graffiti, Graphism and Pop Art, Ludovic proposes a look high in contrast. An angle, a framing, colored shapes stand out to create an image.   


He resides in Lyon, City of Lights, where he tries to make you feel his world through his paintings.

Alexey Klimenko

Inspired by the beauty of life in all its diversity Alexey Klimenko shares his brightest feelings and impressions with canvas. Russian by origin, he worked in international IT and telco business for most part of his mature life. All this time Alexey was always dreaming of developing of his creative side, fed by his childhood passion - drawing. Fate brings him to Europe, France, where he makes a dramatic decision to completely change his life and devote his future to fine art.

The artist uses special oil technique which imitates slightly coarse and worn surface supported by thoroughly prepared canvas. One of his favorite subject matters is polo with its uncompromising beauty of movement and action. His style helps him in aspiration to create artworks that are mood-evoking. Each of his paintings incapsulates its own narrative which reveals in different ways and provokes imagination of every individual viewer.

Please write to us what art work you like to purchase or order painting from your photo. 
We will contact you shortly.

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