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Horse Polo Silk Scarves

Katerina Morgan is the first fashion brand that creates her designs based on polo photographies.

It is an art fashion brand that combines elegance and sophistication, qualities that the brand shares with this exciting sport. 

The first collection is 30 silk scarves and 10 designs in different color combinations.


Each scarf tells a story and all the stories are inspired by unique people.

The scarves are produced from silks of exceptional quality at one of the oldest luxury brands manufactures in Italy.

The edges of each scarf are hand rolled which gives a scarf a delicate and elegant shape.


Katerina Morgan scarf  is more than an accessory,  it is a collector’s item and a design piece.

You can wear a scarf as a classic accessory and you can also create a colorful artistic decoration by hanging a few framed scarves on a wall.

Custom orders


If you would like to make a custom-made scarf, we can design and manufacture it for you.


You can use your original photo or you can choose a photo from our gallery.  


We can create a single unique piece and we can also produce as many scarves as you desire.  


We also create scarves for polo clubs and polo teams who wish to have their own unique scarf.


We can design it in different sizes and using different materials, such as silk, cashmere, wool, linen and cotton.

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